Thinking about Solar Roofing

With the increased popularity for being eco-friendly and having sustainable energy, more and more people are investing in solar roofing. Not only are they energy efficient, but they are capable of saving you thousands of dollars on your utility bills.

SolarCity New Solar Shingles

With the increased fame of Tesla and Solar City, both companies that were founded by Elon Musk, it has become an easy choice due to it’s affordable price. They offer a sleek and streamlined appearance that effortlessly blend into your roof. They are enhanced with Powerwall charges that allows you to access energy at any time, even during power shortages.When you choose to use solar roofing, you can get a 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit. It is a nice incentive knowing that you can get money back from investing in sustainable energy for your home.

How many solar roofing tiles do I need?

Due to building codes and regulations, you are not allowed to cover your entire roof with solar tiles but then again, you don’t necessarily need that many. The recommended coverage for your home will depend on how much energy your home uses. You can check your utility bills to get an average usage. You should get enough tiles to cover that cost, because if you put extra tiles, your home might generate more electricity than it actually needs. You can also give us a call if you need help with estimating how many tiles you will possibly need.

Cost of Installing a Solar Roof

The cost of your solar roof will include tear off of your old roof, materials and labor. It will also depend on the portion of your roof you want covered with solar tiles. There is also the option to finance your roof replacement and enhancement through your homes Mortgage. Tesla itself does not offer financing but using your Home Mortgage, you can easily acquire funding. The loan amount you will get will be the total cost minus the 30% tax credit.

New Solar Roofing Shingles by Tesla

When can I have them Installed on my roof?

Customer installations are not expected to begin until late 2017to mid 2018. Also, due to overwhelming demand, installation will be implemented depending on when the order was placed. Hence, many people are simply pre-ordering so that they can get them as soon as they are available.  For more information, you can visit Tesla or search for an installer near you.

Check out this video by Tesla and Solar City Founder, Elon Musk about the benefits regarding Solar Roofing.